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To download the PDF of this menu, please click here: The Bowbridge Arms menu Feb 2019

Booking is recommended, and pre-ordering is recommended for groups over 10 people;  to make the waiting time shorter for you and to guarantee we haven’t sold out of what you would like.


Food is served during the following hours:

                    Monday to Saturday : 12pm-2:30pm, and 5:30pm-9pm 

                    Sunday : 12pm – 4pm for the Sunday menu


Pizzas – All freshly made to order for you – £10.95

Roasted chicken, smoked bacon, homemade pesto and caramelised red onions topped with buffalo mozzarella and fresh rocket.

Home cooked ham, roasted pineapple pieces, and sliced button mushrooms

Spicy chorizo slices, pepperoni and sliced jalapeno peppers, drizzled with a chilli sauce

Mushroom, roasted peppers, red onion, sliced olives and cheddar cheese (V)

Four cheese:- Cheddar, Stilton, parmesan and buffalo mozzarella, topped with rocket (V)

Barbeque chicken, red onions, mixed peppers, mozzarella and cheddar cheese

Bowbridge Burner – A spicy tomato base topped with chicken, chorizo, jalapenos and birds eye chillis. Drizzled with a hot chilli sauce and topped with rocket. THIS A VERY HOT AND SPICY  PIZZA ; please be warned !!


Ciabatta Melts

A sliced ciabatta toasted and topped with the following, and served with hand cut chips and coleslaw

Smoked bacon and brie  £9.95                  

Chicken, pesto and mozzarella £9.95       

Mediterranean vegetables, cheddar cheese and a red onion marmalade (V) £9.95


Homemade Burgers

Served in a toasted ciabatta bun with relish and gherkins. Accompanied with a salad garnish and hand cut chips. Gluten Free without the bun.

Classic 8oz beef burger with smoked bacon and cheddar cheese  £10.95

Grilled Cajun chicken breast with chorizo and cheddar cheese  £10.95

5 bean and Mediterranean vegetables topped with cheddar cheese  (V)   £10.95



Local Sausages and Mash– A selection of sausages from “Woodchester Meat Company” with buttery mashed potato, garden peas and a red wine and onion gravy.  Small £7.95  Large £9.95                                

Homemade Lasagne-Choose either meat or vegetable lasagne. Served with a salad garnish, garlic ciabatta and hand cut chips  (V)  Small £7.95  Large £9.95

Homemade Chicken Curry– Served with rice, chips or both, with flat bread, a poppadum and mango chutney £10.95

Home Cooked Ham and Eggs– Slices of home cooked gammon ham. Served with fried eggs, coleslaw, a salad garnish and a choice of potatoes (GF)  £9.95

Hoisin Chicken Stir Fry– Hoisin marinated chicken with stir fried vegetables and egg noodles. Dusted with sesame seeds and served with garlic ciabatta  £8.95

Half Gammon Steak-A 6oz gammon steak with the full trimmings. Served with either a fried egg or a        pineapple slice, with a choice of potatoes  (GF)  £7.95

Breaded Scampi-Breaded whole tail scampi, with homemade tartar sauce, garden peas, a salad garnish and a choice of potatoes  £9.95

Homemade Faggots-These traditional hand made faggots are served with mashed potato, garden peas and a rich gravy.  Small £7.95  Large  £9.95

Beer Battered Fish-Beer battered fish with homemade tartar sauce, garden peas, salad garnish and hand cut chips. £9.95                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Bowbridge Mac N CheeseMacaroni and cheese with smoked bacon pieces, topped with truffle oil. Served with garlic bread. £9.95 (Add chicken for an extra £1.00)



All our steaks are from Taylors of Minchinhampton and are 28 day matured. Served with a grilled tomato, onion rings (not with gluten free option), buttered mushrooms, potatoes and a choice of  either Peppercorn sauce, Port and Stilton sauce or  Red onion gravy.

10oz Ribeye   (GF)    £18.75             

8oz Sirloin (GF)       £17.95

12oz Gammon  (GF) £12.95  With eggs or roasted pineapple slice.             


Vegan Options

Mediterranean pasta-Mediterranean vegetables and pasta in a rich tomato sauce .  £9.95

Thai Green Vegetable Curry-Served with flat bread, a poppadum and mango chutney.  £10.95

Quorn and 5 bean chilli-Served with rice and flat bread.  £9.95


Children’s Menu

All come with a choice of potatoes (chips, new potatoes or mash) and either beans or peas £ 5.95

Mini Pizza with 2 toppings (V)                                   

Local Sausages with gravy

Beef burger with or without cheese        

Home cooked ham and egg  (GF)

Meat  or Vegetable lasagne (V)

Chicken goujons


Light Bites and Sides

Breaded Brie wedge with a salad garnish and warmed cranberry sauce  (V)   £4.95

Crispy chicken goujons with rocket and a sweet and sour dip  £5.95

Homemade fishcake, tartare sauce and dressed leaves with lemon wedge £6.95

Marinated olives with dipping oils and flat bread (V) £5.95

Bubble and squeak with fried eggs and bacon  ( V- minus bacon) £6.95


Hand cut chips £3.45                                 

Cheesy chips £3.95        

Coleslaw  £1.50

Garlic bread  £2.45

Cheesy garlic bread £2.95        

Onion rings £3.45

Salad bowl  £1.95

Vegetable dish  £2.25

Garlic mayo £0.90


To download the PDF of this menu, please click here:  The Bowbridge Arms menu Feb 2019


Please also see the board for our daily specials